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*** Our lab is hiring 3 new Postdoctoral Researchers: click here to see our Naturejobs posting with application instructions ***

Welcome to the Smith Lab! We are an interdisciplinary team of scientists and engineers working to visualize the microscopic mechanisms of biology, health, and disease. We do so by engineering tiny, protein-sized crystals to serve as beacons in living cells and tissues. These nanocrystals show us how molecules behave in healthy tissue, how they malfunction when cells become cancerous, and how therapeutic drugs restore order.


8/13 Dr. Smith and Haden enjoy giving a demo during the BioNanotechnology Summer Institute!
7/13 Dr. Smith and Mohammad enjoy giving a demo during Bioengineering GAMES camp
  Dr. Smith speaks at the ICMAT-MRS Conference in Singapore
6/13 Congratulations, Liang Ma on becoming an IETP Toxicology Scholar!
  Publication in Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry
  Welcome to Liang Ma, a graduate student in Materials Science and Engineering!
  Congratulations to Prof. Rashid Bashir, our new Bioengineering Department Head!
5/13 Welcome to Haden Duke, a graduate student in Mechanical Science and Engineering, coming to us from Baylor University!
4/13 Dr. Smith speaks at the BMES 2013 Midwest Biomedical Engineering Career Conference
3/13 New publication in the Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry!
1/13 BIOE 298, Bioenergetics starts!
12/12 Welcome to Sung Jun Lim, a postdoctoral scholar and expert nanomaterials chemist, joining us from POSTECH in South Korea!
11/12 Dr. Smith gives a lecture at the NCI Alliance for Nanotechnology in Cancer Investigator’s Meeting in Houston
  Dr. Smith gives a lecture for the Bioengineering Seminar Series
10/12 Dr. Smith gives a seminar at Beckman-Coulter, Inc.
8/12 Dr. Smith gives a talk at the ACS Fall Meeting in Philadelphia
  Welcome to Mohammad Zahid, a graduate students in Bioengineering joining us from St. Louis University!
  Welcome to Shweta Chitoor, a graduate student in Bioengineering joining us from Drexel!
  The Smith Lab opens for business at the University of Illinois